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STORM ALERT #65 12th Februa 2016 SOMETHING IN THE WATER? Explaining non-reactions

STORM ALERT is published in the National Interest. No action should be implied or inferred. The opinions expressed remain those of the author entirely.
By Ixul Dante     12th Februa 2016 
SOMETHING IN THE WATER? Explaining non-reactions:   Tragic events unfold across the globe – wars, invasions, coups, but Western public do not even blink an eye. Why? Events:

1. When Europe was invaded in late 2015 by 1.3 million unwanted, angry, hateful and often violent Muslims sent from Turkey how did they react? Passively. EU de facto leader, German Chancellor A. Merkel meekly welcomed them. 

2. On New Year’s Eve 2015, Koln Germany saw 100 white females raped by these unwelcome dross. The public reaction? Nil. 

3. At EU-Turkey talks on 8 Mars 2016 to discuss the invasion, T. ordered the EU to accept another three million ‘Syrian refugees’. The EU agree. The public reaction? Nil. 

4. In 2014 54,000 unaccompanied minors arrived ion the US border. An invasion of children. They US government meekly accepted them. The public reaction? Three civilians including a female in a wheelchair with a crumpled US flag are shown opposing them. 

5. In Aug 2014 US-trained operatives toppled the democratically elected Ukraine President in a coup, replacing him with a fascist dictatorship that then massacres 5,000 of its own citizens for opposing the coup. US blames it all on ‘Russian aggression’. A blatant lie. Media and public reaction? Nil. 

6. From 2004-2016 US media and government run hate campaign against democratically elected Russian leader Vladimir Putin blaming him with everything from global warming to the trains running late. While West is invaded its banks run up indecent profits and its people are de-housed to welcome more foreign invaders. What is going on? As regular readers will know this writer does not indulge in baseless Conspiracy Theories. 

No, we prefer some facts. This article was initiated by comments from a female client and her 87 year old mother. They said: “People can’t think for themselves anymore. Mum and I often comment on this”. They went on to recount many instances of professional lapses. We felt shocked as it is one thing to have a theory, another to have a random stranger validate it. 

In 2012 the Campbell Neman LNP government was elected to Queensland Parliament. After 20 years of ALP Socialist rule we had a Rightist or at least Centre Right government. One big issue was water fluoridation. Introduced by the Beattie government in 2008 it was very unpopular. The LNP promised to reverse it. Elected, they refused. Called it ‘the stuff of conspiracy buffs’. 

Yet these people had elected them! Media dropped story ant it has not been reported again in three years. Murdoch media control all our press so, as their name implies, News Ltd means no news at all. Is why we use BBC so much. Like entrapped Westerners during Hitler rule 1940-44 we avidly tune into the Beeb to hear any real news so distorted and dysfunctional is our domestic service, including government stations. 

A general dulling of the population. Road rage. Incoherent conversations. Endless mindless TV and radio waffle. 70 radio stations and 26 TV stations for a city of only 1.9 million like Brisbane. Yet not one free voice. The public reaction ? Nil. Refusal to de-fluoridate was a major factor in CN’s defeat in Mars 2015. Yet his recent memoir made no mention of it, blaming the defeat on Clive Palmer. Media accepted this! 

In fact great hopes were placed in CN for ‘change’ but every promise he made was deliberately broken. Public voted him in with a 17% landslide then out 2-10 years late with the same. Did he trust in fluoride to wipe our memories or dull our voting skills? 7. 

As of 9th Mars 2016 the ALP rely on it, too, to control us. Latest femo-Nazi ruler, another Leftist lawyer named Anna, lost the balance of power. With 35 LNP MPs, five Cross-bench MPs and only 4??? of 89 remaining ALP. Public reaction? Nil. Is like they’re asleep. Scary. 

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Why No Gain For the Right From the Global Financial Crisis Christ Day 25th Dec 2009

Why No Gain for the Right From The Global Financial Crisis 
STORM ALERT is published in the National Interest. No action should be implied or inferred. The opinions expressed remain those of the author entirely.
By Ari Onigen 
Christ Day 25th Decembis 2009

Why have the Right not gained from the GFC? A number of reasons: apathy, ignorance, distraction & mind-control.   

i. APATHY: the white masses have been conditioned to accept certain things: equality of females and other races even when all evidence. Tell them this is a lie. Is a victory of political correctness. Its zenith came in 2008 when an alien was elected ruler of once-white America. 

ii. IGNORANCE: Despite our best efforts the Enemy controls the mass media. Rightist groups are forced to communicate via flyers, stickers &  posters. Public meetings are closed down or banned. Our material is removed with hours of going up. Our internal sites are hacked or banned. We are silenced. So to reach the public we run stalls. People ask: “are you new? We’ve never heard of ANA”. ANA: “we’ve been around since 1982”. They’re shocked then reply. “Gee, you don’t do a very good  job communicating you’re message!” then wander off. What if same attacks were used against the Left? 

If THEIR meetings were violently attacked, THEIR newsletters suppressed, THEIR material removed, THEIR people sacked from jobs and gaoled. Then they’d be in exactly the same position as us. But that is not the case. The State fetes them. They’re funded by the world’s largest corporations & tax-exempt Foundations. They’ve millions of dollars to spend & free air time on TV & radio at their disposal. With this they persecute the Right and promote their own Leftist agend or. 

iii. DISTRACTION: Endless sports on TV, especially cable TV, attract our type of people - ’action men’ - those not given to much thinking. Seemingly endless tournaments, championships & playoffs give an illusion entertainment. But why not play a sport? Why watch someone else do it? Therein lies the seeds of the obesity plague sweeping the dying West. A TV commentator said: “watching someone else climb Mt. Everest does not mean you’ve climbed it”. Vicarious living is the peril of our media-saturated Age. Look at Wii

In the Bruce Willis sci-fi film Surrogate people live their lives through robot selves even having sex that way. Is not that different from how many live now, trapped by fear of alien crime in their apartments & fearful of contacts with their neighbours. An atomised society is unable to organise self-defence let alone oppose tyranny. Work from home, shop from home, home-school. If you could vote from home you would never have to leave it! Reality becomes whatever the controlled media say it is.   

vi. MIND-CONTROL: Our children serve a 13-year sentence for the crime of being born, from age four years to 17 years incarcerated in re-education centres whose entire curriculum is dominated by politically correct subjects. E.g. Study of Society and Environment (SOSE) & Human Potential Education (HPE), previously PE or Physical Education. Now includes how to obtain an abortion & and whether to have a same-sex relationship. A Year Nine, 14 year old, student contacted us recently. Of German ancestry, under SOSE she was forced to study the holohoax. She cried & told us: “I feel so guilty!” Now this pretty blonde has become a dedicated anti-racist, seeking to atone for crimes she did not commit. Another of Us is lost to Them. 
ALP-controlled Education Department (sic) no longer pretend to train people for jobs but boast of ’producing future citizens’ i.e. illiterate but compliant slaves of atheistic Socialism. 

SANTA MYTH & the CHRIST & the holohoax: In the week before Christ’s Day, 2009, the Murdoch-media TV Guide advertised 39 ‘christmas’ programmes. Of these only two were about Christ. The rest were about the False Messiah - Satan’s Claws - about his wife, children, elves or reindeers. On the Holiest day of the Christian calendar the System media focus all its attention on SC, a non-existent being. Tell your kids “Santa doesn’t exist” and listen to your friends howl with disapproval. Yet deny Christ, whom Christians believe is not only Saviour but Creator-GOD, and they barely shrug. 

The holohoax and the German messiah: Shows how effective the System’s brain-washing is. A factual historical figure has their existence denied while a fake media creation is endlessly extolled. Hmmm, sounds like a similar situation regarding events that occurred from 1933-45. A historical figure who attempted to save our white world was demonised. Yet his alleged ‘victims’ now rule us. They ceaselessly denounce him. Each year Sollywood & New York produce more films, documentaries & books minimising, dismissing or even openly ridiculing him. Gullible masses uncritically swallow these.  

The Twin Evils Ruining Australia By Ari Onigen 5th Mai 2017

The Twin Evils Ruining Australia
STORM ALERT is published in the National Interest. No action should be implied or inferred. The opinions expressed remain those of the author entirely.
By Ari Onigen 5th Mai 2017 

Twin Evils: Corrupt banks and media. The banks steal all our funds and pay us nothing yet media don’t report. Why? Media are foreign-owned since 2006. For many years R. Murdoch* demanded of Liberal Party PM John Howard ‘liberalise the Cross Media Ownership Law’ (CMOL). This prevented anyone owning TV, radio and print media in the same city. As Murdoch already owned the print media in most of our major cities and refuses to relinquish them, he was effectively excluded from owning TV stations there. 

Kingmaker: As RM is our ‘kingmaker’ JH was loath to argue with him so said: “if only the Leftist Australian Democrats didn’t control the balance of power in the Federal Senate’. AD’s hated RM for his wealth, flouting of tax laws and almost dictatorial abuses of power. So RM set his ‘reporters’ to work undermining the ADs. Eventually, by 2006, AD’s were reduced from nine Senators to zero. 

First action: ‘Set up’ AD Leader Meg Leese. His media encouraged the AD leader to support an increase in the unpopular Goods and Services Tax (GST), our version of VAT, by JH’s Liberals. For a Leftist party to ally with a Rightist one to increase taxes was wildly unpopular and RM knew it. So he got his media in every town and city to criticise Meg Leese. The ADs reacted by sacking Leese as leader but she remained in Senate, now voting with JH on everything, just out of spite for the ADs**.  Reduced AD numbers from 9 to 8. 

Natasha Stott-Despoja: Leese was replaced by blonde bimbo Natasha Stott-Despoja, a featherweight who looked more like a fashion model. Was impossible to take her seriously. RM even provided her with a boyfriend from the Canberra Press Gallery. This guy encouraged NS-D to assume Ultra-Left positions on issues that could only alienated middle-of-the-road voters. E.g. she championed the wearing of hijabs in public by ALL wimmin after abuse was alleged against Kosovars, our first mass wave of Muslim refugees. 

Hijabs: JH had criticised the wearing of hijabs in public so NS-D was encouraged to take the opposite position. Even had her photo taken wearing hijab. Was shown in every RM newspaper. Was disastrous. Alienated the general public, especially female voters. Also upset the normally paranoid Melbourne gnome voters, crucial for the financial support of any Left grouping.***. Then, during a crucial election in South Australia, the Ads home base, her RM media boyfriend took NS-D to the UK for four weeks to meet her future mother-in-law. 

AD’s Begin To Fade: AD’s lost the election. Many voters had ‘turned off’’. Ads lost two Senators at next Federal election, reducing them to six. So NS-D was replaced by an unknown Queensland Senator, Andrew Barnett. The next day all RM ‘papers carried a front page picture of him dressed as the Tim Curry-character, Franken-furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show, holding a live chicken. Meaning was unclear but voters took the cue: this guy was a weirdo. At next election, 2004, ADs number of Senators fell from six  to zero. 

Greens Are Go: All were ‘picked up’ by the next Ultra-Left grouping, The Green Party, based in Melbourne and fully funded by the gnomes****. RM now approached JH who had no further excuses. The CMOL was changed in 2006. Rapidly, RM purchased 10% of Channel Ten and all the rival media blocs’(Packer Media) magazines. Also bought out co-owners of the national cable channel, Foxtel. Was owned 25% by RM, 25% by the Packer Group and 50% by gov’t Telco Telstra. Both sold out to RM. Foxtel was now 100% RM’s. 

Banks: In Australia it is possible to have a ‘Savings Account’ (sic) that earns no savings. In fact, the average Acct attracts a $5 per month ‘Account Keeping Fee’. Is odd because operates if you have no ‘activity’ i.e. there is nothing to ‘service’. In addition every ATM transaction attracts a fee of $2 -$2.75 depending on the bank. In 2006 a rep of the Aust Bankers Association boasted “54% of our income is from fees not loans” i.e. the average citizen accessing their wages, pensions, etc is subsidising the home loans, commercial loans, etc. How is this allowed? 

‘Free’ Media: Seven Federal Royal Commissions into the Banking Sector have concluded “there is no collusion’ between the four major banks”. Nor ‘excessive profits’, etc. Conclusion? The Parliament is in the bankers pockets, too. Depth of their control was revealed at the 1999 media-dubbed ‘Cash for Comments’ Inquiry. Inquiry found our two leading ‘shock jocks John Laws and Alan Jones, Left and Right commentators respectively, were taking bribes from banks to NOT to air criticism of them*****. Laws received AUD$4.5 million per year and Jones $2.5 million per year. Even reporting of the debate was warped as it was not ‘Cash for Comments’ but for silence. Laws’ 2UE radio network told the inquiry they ‘fobbed off’ any talkback callers who sought to criticise their ‘clients’.

CNN Cut From Same Cloth: Has since been admitted by an ex-CNN CEO they operate under identical conditions. “None of our clients is ever criticised on air’. i.e. to avoid criticism just ‘pay us a fee’. Is where ‘free media’ is now. Bought. And not for ‘free’. An estimated US$4 trillion in ‘quantitative easing’ (sic) given out by the US Federal Reserve to US banks, 2008-2016. Is hard to say how much found its way to into media pockets and how much to MOTS. When US Fed ended q.e. they forced  German Central Bank/European Central Bank to begin it. Our Masters are on a permanent ‘drip’ of your taxes. The GFC will not end till they are sated. If ever. 

Solutions: Severe the nexus of media and political parties. End banks dominance of the economy. There, is said. But how?  

*Rupert Murdoch media AKA Fox-News owns 177 newspapers and many TV, radio and cable outlets worldwide. Dominates media and politics in UK, US and Australia. Urged Bush Blair and Howard to attack Iraq in 2003. Made US hated in Third World and killed thousands of US personnel. Al world now looks to China as ‘friend’ and sees US as foe. RM media are 100% pro-Chinese. Rupert M even married a Chinese Wendy Deng and she birthed two offspring for him. Journalist WD ran RM’s empire for years. Divorced RM several years ago but only after saving him from Lord Levison’s Inquiry into bribes to UK officials. Failure would have ‘killed’ his business in USA. After one year and jailing of 44 Murdoch employees RM himself was acquitted. How? Is worth AUD$170 billion and most Western politicians owe their careers to him. 

**At the same time long-time ALP stalwart, Senator Colston was sacked from ALP but retained his Senate seat, even forming his own party – Queensland First. Voted with JH on most things, out of spite for ALP. As well, ex-Liberal Pauline Hanson was voting against JH in the Lower House as were Aldren and ex-NPA Senator Bob Katter etc. Ex-ALP MP Graeme Campbell was pro-JH, too. Lost his seat in 1998 election as did PH. 1995-1998 was an era of splitters and Independents

***Melbourne, as our cultural capital, is dominated by the same alien group who control culture in the US. Are paranoid of criticism, so to avoid legal issues we refer to these as ‘gnomes’. 

****One contact in the Greens told us: “half the members are active DSP and the others half are raving homosexuals”. DSP or Democratic Socialist Party was a gnome-run Trotskyite gang who terrorise most university campuses. Force compliance with gnome social policy and practices and crush any attempts by Right to form groups whether ANA or Young Nationals. 

*****When a banker was asked by a print journalist at the inquiry: “do you consider this money to be a bribe?” “No” he said with a smirk, “ it was an investment. And one that paid off handsomely”. 

Rupert Murdoch's Treason Must Be Stopped 24 Aug 2016

Murdoch Treason Must Be Stopped – by Any Means Necessary
STORM ALERT is published in the National Interest. No action should be implied or inferred. The opinions expressed remain those of the author entirely.
By Ixul Dante 24 Aug 2016
Accompanying 20/8/2016 p.27 Sydney Morning Herald article ‘Power and the Rising Passion’ by Kelsey Munro brilliantly sums up Australia’s current dilemma.  But we need to explain a few points to our foreign readers.

Who is Rupert Murdoch? Murdoch media AKA Fox-News owns 177 newspapers and many TV, radio and cable outlets worldwide. Dominates media and politics in UK, US and Australia. Urged Bush Blair and Howard to attack Iraq in 2003. Made US hated in Third World and killed thousands of US personnel. Al world now looks to China as ‘friend’ and sees US as foe. RM media are 100% pro-Chinese. Rupert M even married a Chinese Wendy Deng and she birthed two offspring for him. Journalist WD ran RM’s empire for years.

Divorced RM several years ago but only after saving him from Lord Levison’s Inquiry into bribes to UK officials. Failure would have ‘killed’ his business in USA. After one year and jailing of 44 Murdoch employees RM himself was acquitted. How? Is worth AUD$170 billon and most Western politicians owe their careers to him.

WHAT IS the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD? SMH is owned by rival print media group, Fairfax Group. RM owns 12 0f 15 Australian daily newspapers. FG owns the other three: SMH, Melbourne Age and The Financial Review. Only these resist RM’s will. Are rarely read by masses. RM’s low-brow material is more to their liking so RM routinely sets election agendas.  All parties adhere or are destroyed like Australia Democrats in 2004. Had nine Federal Senators and blocked LNP changes to Cross Media Ownership Laws. RM spent years attacking them. Party collapsed and all nine Senators lost seats. In 2006 LNP’s Howard obeyed RM and passed changes to CMOL. Same fate befell Clive Palmer’s United Party in 2014 when he criticized RM’s media monopoly .

Chinese bought two of our three commercial TV networks (Seven and Nine). Pro-Chinese elements already run the two government TV/Radio networks (ABC and SBS). Sole survivor (Ten Network) is owned by Canadian family of Israel Asper. a close Murdoch ally. Since 2006 Australia has had a total media blackout on any criticism of China, bar FG. But FG has no radio or TV outlets. Its print media is too ‘upmarket’ to reach masses.

Foreign Investment Review Board: FIRB is toothless tiger that rubber stamps every foreign purchase of Australian assets. Only refused to three of 2165 cases(?). Even then RM media howled them down as “destabilising Australian investment rules thereby undermining the economy”. Case of Ranger uranium mine. Was to be sold to China like all our other mines, ports etc. US opposed.

RM MUST GO: RM attacked US over this. Not reported in US, of course. Chinese Navy will soon have berthing facilities across Australia. Will it exclude the US Navy? 86 year old RM must die soon. Why not sooner? Is a threat to US. Easy to depose him if MP’s sought to. Has been US citizen since 1983. Has no legal right to own any media in Australia. Is dual-national.

Was he who forced Howard government (1995-2007) to make dual-nationals legal. Would be easy to repeal this law. Would bar RM from media ownership, in effect ‘cut off his legs’. Would free us all. If not, one day we will awake to Chinese rule and no one will have warned us.

 ACTION RECOMMENDED: Australian governments are in debt AUD$1,000 billion. All borrow from Chinese government banks to finance public expenditures they cannot longer afford but which voters demand, incited by pro-Chinese RM media. RM media must be silenced. Best way is by removing RM from picture and awarding his assets over to pro-Australian elements. RM acquired his ‘power’ over us legally. It can be removed just as legally. All that is lacking is the political WILL.

Return of the ANA Blog

We are back! After a year shut out by the Dark Masters of Gogal-Yakoo, we have slipped back into view. 
Steve Godfrey  

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SNIPPETS #53P 'Catholics have no opinion about refugees'

SNIPPETS is published in the National Interest. No action should be implied or inferred. Opinions expressed remain the author's entirely.
by Benn Yogarni 
P. 1 Brisbane Catholic Leader Dec 2014:
“A survey found 50% of Catholics have no opinion about government refugee policy. We must inform these people so they have an opinion’ ”. 
In other words docile pew-warmers are to be force-fed pro-refugee propaganda till they toe the ‘Party-line’ of the Vatican's Leftist ruling junta. 

1. What is the ‘current governments refugee policy’? Immigration is at a record high in this worst recession the world has seen since 1914. Yes that’s right, worse than 1929. Yet radical groups which have seized the media’s attention demand we flood our country with unwanted dross, the world’s flotsam. Who are these radical groups? Many pose as ‘do-gooders' and control the various welfare agencies and other rorts such as the many ‘churches', few of whom preach the Gospel but push a form of Social Gospel more akin to orthodox Socialism than to Biblical Christianity. 

CATHOLIC CHURCH: One such group is the Catholic Church. It abandoned its basic principles in the 1960’s, embracing radical chic and trendy thinking. Since then its numbers have been in decline. Like many mainstream churches, it rushes from one ‘cause’ to another seeking relevance. A more pathetic example is the Uniting Church of Australia, always at the forefront of every flakey ideas or movement from queer rights (sic) to so called 'Native Title' (sic), anything that will dispossess Australia's real Owners - its majority whites. 

2. Who are these so-called 'refugees'? Little known to the the public, 75% of the world's refugees are fleeing Islam. Either Muslims, fleeing poverty and oppression, or non-Muslims fleeing murder and forced conversion. The logical cure for these 35 million refugees would be to dethrone Muslim influence. The two wealthiest and most powerful Muslims countries are Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. These were almost overthrown in 1990 by Saddam Hussein's secular nationalist regime when US/UK forces intervened. 

SAUDI RADICALISM: Since the 2003 overthrow of Saddam's regime, radical Islam, funded entirely by the Saudis and their ‘Gulf State’ flunkeys, has swept the world. In a dozen states rebel groups now seize and behead any they see as a threat, imitating the Sharia policies of Saudi Arabia itself. To end radical Islam we must topple the Saudi elite regime and enforce Western secularism. How, when the UK/US ruling elite are in bed with Saudi money? 

Saudi and Gulf petrodollars fund the world's stock exchanges and many governments. This fatal embrace has caused the current malaise in the West, including the current European Union's 'Refugee Crisis'. We protect the Saudis who hate us. They fund IS who kill our fellow Christians and manipulate our own allegedly 'democratic' governments. 

OUR REAL RULERS: These force our nominal rulers to accept millions of Muslims as ‘migrants’, then demand Shari'a law for our countries and ban our culture lest it offend these alien invaders. Our traditions and freedoms are lost. To break free we need to shatter the nexus between corrupt elites and foreign Masters. Easier said than done but the key to removing a problem is recognising that one exists. Few Westerners see themselves as 'Occupied' or ‘refugees’ as 'Occupiers'. This must change. 

3. Who are the Do-gooders? Many are taxpayer-funded, semi-government agencies. Our tax dollars pay to import deadly foes, then defend them from deportations via endless court challenges to our own laws. No wonder the Enemy see us as fools. Such government funding must be exposed and the public encouraged to demand its end. No money = no refugee advocacy = no invasion. Simple. 

THIRD WORLD LIBERATION: The origins of the refugee problem lies with other 'do-gooders', foreign-funded groups, who in the 1960's pushed the First World* to ‘liberate’ the Third World from Western tutelage in the first place. 
*Mao Zedong, Communist ruler of China 1949-76 invented the idea of 'Three Worlds': First or Capitalist World; Second or Communist World; Third World - the battleground for the First and Second. 

In 1960, all of Africa's 54 states, bar four, were white-ruled. Rich, prosperous, well ordered - they were happy, till an obscure minority, funded by Western Leftists and lead by Soviet agents, demanded ‘independence’. Majority had no idea what this entailed. After a three-decade struggle the West relinquished its care of Africa to local tyrants and despots, to the applause of Leftist media and academia. The massacres and looting soon began and continue till today. 

MAJORITY RUINED: Majority of Africans, desolate and despoiled, now seek simply to eat and find shelter. They flee to 'the West' (white lands) from do-gooder imposed regimes. One solution would be to return them home to topple the corrupt dictators there, then reimpose White, Western control. We fund these cesspits already through billions in ‘foreign aid’ per year. Is time to enforce some control instead of lavishing tax-payer dollars where the Western interests are not served. You don't buy shares in a company run by criminals. Demand the same logic from Third World governments. 

4. Cut do-gooder access to governments. Media and academia are major sources of ‘influence’ on Western governments, fooling them that ‘the public’ desire such waste and excess. We must wake up governments to this lie. The media do NOT represent us, nor do ivory tower eggheads. 

5. Hold To Account every despot. Each year Australians send out four billion dollars in foreign aid. We must say to the recipients: 'fund your own refugees’. We'll deduct cost of housing their citizens in our Detention Centres - whether Manus Island, Nauru or the Mainland from their foreign aid budget. Why send $4 billion per annum overseas when detaining foreign refugees cost us $5 billion per year? Pretty soon the West will pay no foreign aid and the despots will be toppled. It is only our foreign aid that keeps them in power. A win-win situation. Current 'bag-men' for despots - such Non-Government Agencies (NGOs) as Oxfam, Save the Children, etc must cease operations here. They don’t ameliorate social evils but perpetuate these for cynical ends. 

P O Box 635 Strathpine PS 4500 Australia phone 0448 187 582

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STORM ALERTE # 66 Par Ixul Dante 17rd Juno 2016 SECURITE AU TRAVAIL

STORM ALERT est publié dans l'intérêt national. Aucune action ne devrait être implicite ou déduit. Les opinions exprimées restent celles de l'auteur entièrement.
Par Ixul Dante 
Frigasday 17rd Juno 2016
SECURITE AU TRAVAIL L'étau se resserre: Nos liens coupés à des partisans, des élections truquées et «assassinat ciblé» toujours plus proche:

"BBC World Service de 16 Juno 2016:" Lord Coe, chef de la (Fédération Internationale d'Athlétisme) IAAF, a été averti qu'il pourrait faire face à des accusations plus des actions passées ".

BBC World Service 17 Juno 2016: "Lord Coe, chef de l'IAAF, a interdit les athlètes russes de la concurrence dans les Jeux olympiques de 2016 à Rio en raison d'allégations de« dopage systématique ». Ils peuvent participer en tant qu'individus, mais pas sous un drapeau russe. Les médias russes parlent d'une "conspiration internationale".

SkyNews 16 Juno 2016: «Toutes les charges ont été abandonnées contre Sir Cliff Richard à propos de la pédophilie possible. En 2014, la BBC a diffusé un raid en direct sur sa maison par la police avant d'être inculpé. L'enquête de police a coûté 800.000 livres et de la police maintenant des excuses pour le tournage "(BBC n'a pas).

SkyNews 16 Juno 2016: "Les voisins de 52 ans suspect dans la fusillade du député travailliste Jo Cox dire qu'il a vécu dans la même maison toute sa vie. «Il était là quand je suis arrivé ici en 1975, dit l'un. Un autre: «Il vivait avec sa mère et grand-mère. Ils sont tous deux décédés. Il a été seul des 20 dernières années. Il fait toutes nos jardins, mais très tranquillement. A été interviewé pour un programme de santé mentale il y a dix ans où il a admis: «le chômage à long terme peut conduire à l'isolement social et la maladie mentale.

 "BBC World Service 17 Juno 2016:" Les enquêteurs de la police disent qu'ils ont trouvé la «littérature nazie» à la maison d'un suspect dans la fusillade d'hier de la Colombie-député travailliste Jo Cox, une mère de 41 ans de deux. Dites qu'il était «une attaque isolée, mais ciblée * avec une arme à feu illégale». Premier ministre et chef de l'opposition sont apparus aujourd'hui dans la ville de Birstall où Mme Cox a été tourné à «faire preuve de solidarité». PM appelle tuer 'une attaque contre la démocratie ».

 "BBC World Service de 17 Juno 2016:" 94 années ancien camp garde Auschwitz Reinhold Hanning a été mis en prison pendant cinq ans pour l'assassiner de 170.000 juifs. A plaidé coupable. Un survivant a été demandé: «tu ne lui pardonner?» Répondit-elle avec colère: «Non!"
1. Lord Coe a été menacé: 'Ban Russie de Rio ou faire face à une action en justice vous-même ». Il plia.

2. Haut profil non pédophiles comme évangéliste chrétien Sir Cliff, sont ciblés par la police britannique corrompus alors que les 200 pédophiles islamistes à Rotherham sont ignorés. Corrupt BBC ignore Rotherham mais met en lumière les allégations contre Sir Cliff, espérant solliciter le public et assurer une poursuite. Président de la BBC est un ennemi, de même que de nombreux journalistes et producteurs.

3. Hanning tué personne mais HATERS veulent que leur «livre de chair», comme Shakespeare a si bien dit. N'a pas changé en 500 ans, ni dans les 2000 ans car ils lynchés leur propre Messie. Dieu met en garde: «pardonnez ou vous n'êtes pas pardonné». Ainsi soit-il. Hanning, le vieux fou, a plaidé coupable. Voici ce que Hanning aurait dû dire:
«Je suis fier d'avoir servi le Fuhrer! Si AH avait vécu, combien de Palestiniens seraient encore en vie aujourd'hui? Serait-Wall Street ont créé les crises financières 1987, 1997, 2001 et 2007? Combien meilleur serait le monde blanc aujourd'hui sans avorteurs ennemis, ennemi-exécuter l'assassiner de Planned Parenthood »des cliniques». Nous ne serions pas maintenant face à l'annihilation comme une course. Il n'y aurait pas eu de 2015 islamiste Invasion de l'UE, Lépante II '.

4. tueur présumé de J. Cox un «nazi»? flics corrompus mêmes qui maintenant Sir Cliff 'usine «preuves» mis en place »sur un cas mental pour« cadre »lui pour un kill. Sera curieux de voir quels groupes «nazis» sont accusés. Sans doute, il sera l'un en faveur de Brexit. Alors, qui était Jo Cox? Une personne pratique, tout comme le suspect.

Au début de 2016, le Front national français est venu près de gagner le pouvoir lors des élections à l'échelle nationale. Ont été floués. En Mai 2016, le candidat du Parti autrichien de la liberté a été caillebotis pour gagner les élections présidentielles. A été trompé. David Cameron n'a pas appelé ces farces 'une attaque contre la démocratie ». La vérité est la démocratie est morte depuis longtemps. Existe seulement dans le monde fantastique des classes bavardes, têtes parlantes qui peuplent notre «médias».

PROBLEMES RECENTS: Le 06/06/2016 la ligne téléphonique d'action national a été résilié par le transporteur du gouvernement, Telstra. Notre message a été arrêté pour les deux dernières semaines. Nos blog-sites ont été retirés du moteur de recherche de Google. NA 'existent pas »nous disent-ils. Un homme fait face à NSW prison pour Facebook critique d'un noir, femelle, ALP MP. Chargé de 'utiliser un service de transport pour diffuser un discours de haine ». Possible deux années gaol phrase. La «démocratie» signifie la liberté d'expression, de réunion, d'association et de religion. Quiconque voit ces derniers dans l'Ouest ces derniers temps? Non.

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